Not Just A Powder Room

A powder room is often the smallest room in the house yet it can be the perfect place to make a big statement, and even present a golden opportunity for a little experimentation to be replicated elsewhere in your home. The key to success is to focus on adding just one or two master strokes to your powder room, such as a colourful cabinet and a beautiful mirror – as too many design ideas may lead to visual clutter. Read on for inspiration…

Choose one brightly coloured feature
When my clients want to use a strong bolt of colour in their powder room, I often suggest installing a key fixture in a bright colour rather than painting or papering the wall. Sometimes a colourful cabinet, for example, will create just as much impact than if the whole room were to be given a colourful makeover.

Don’t be afraid of the dark
Contrary to popular belief, small rooms pack an impressive punch when painted in dark colours. The rationale for this seemingly contradictory line of thought is that dark, tiny rooms rarely benefit from being all-white when there is limited natural light to bounce around the space. Going dark will welcome a moody but inviting atmosphere into the room, especially when there is a glint of metallic, whether via tapware, mirror frames or tiles.

Use the opportunity to make taps, bottletraps & sinks interesting & focal.

We love amazing tapware + bottle traps by abi:


Wow with wallpaper that sports a big pattern
Be brave with wallpaper! In small spaces, such as powder rooms, wallpapers sporting large motifs and patterns produce a striking effect. The trick to getting the look to work – no matter how demanding the pattern – is to decide on a wallpaper with a restricted colourway. In this Art Deco-inspired powder room, the loud pattern is subdued by a minimal choice of jade greens and black shades, in turn, producing a room that is decidedly chic.

image via Martha Stewart Home


Add a fun component
Why not theme your wallpaper to match your favourite pastime? If you like reading classics, a wallpaper like the one pictured will surely become a talking point, and perhaps even inspire the non-readers in the household to take up a new hobby.

Impress with fine furniture fixtures
In a powder room in which the walls are principally white, a statement piece of furniture for your vanity or storage needs can be the best way to add character. Depending on the style of the home, order a custom-piece of cabinetry or source an antique. You could also scout secondhand stores for a cupboard or dressing table to repurpose – get a professional to cut a hole in the top to install the sink and pipes.

Grace the wall with a magnificent mirror
In much the same way a piece of art on a wall can become a focus point in a room, a generously sized statement mirror in a small powder room can create a dramatically different look in a conventional space.

via: casa ceramica

Check the spacing between elements
Be sure when selecting a mirror or a wall cabinet that the dimensions of the piece will fit neatly into the space or on the wall, leaving a generous surround for sconces or other light fittings.

Illuminate with a small light..
Lighting in powder rooms is not as critical as it is in bathrooms. In general, people don’t spend a lot of time in this room. As lighting only needs to be practical enough to shine light on a hand wash and over the vanity so you can have a quick inspection of how you look, a chic option is justified. Installing a statement pendant light can be an illuminating way to update an existing powder room without the need for doing major renovations such as changing over vanities or putting up wallpaper.

…or a large pendant
A large pendant drum can be used in conjunction with standard downlights to ensure both practicality and daring design is covered.

image via dwell. original story via Houzz by Brendan Guy

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